About me

Ago 7th, 2014

Mun Bau running on heels attitude LR

It’s hard to define oneself in such a narrow space; I think we people are really complex material. But since I guess it’s good I say a bit, I would define myself as someone fascinated about living and getting to know both this planet and its inhabitants. I’m interested in serving people, especially, but not exclusively, my friends. I enjoy good food and if possible better wine. My interests are broad and go from entrepreneurship, travelling, literature, music, creative writing, philosophy and body “care” to Buddhism and hi-tech & virtual worlds. I’m pushful, curious, a bit narcissist (maybe) and I guess I tend to dream pies in the sky far too often.

Professionally I went to school and became a Biologist, but after some years at the Spanish Council for Scientific Research, working on tourism impacts on coastal ecosystems, I moved on to the private consultancy in Tourism development.

It’s been more than 12 years now that I am professionally involved in the Tourism industry and eventually I ended starting my (second!) own company in Marketing & Creativity for this very same industry.

MunBau.com is my current entrepreneurial project and I love all of it. I think being a tourist consultant opens up a whole universe of opportunities to enjoy the best of the world out there, to meet fascinating people with brilliant ideas and projects, allowing you the opportunity to mingle with them and bring in your knowledge and expertise.

As Josep Chias (the Father of Tourism Marketing for most of us) said in one of his books: “Tourism is the Business of Happiness”. I can only agree!

Other than that, I am wild about running, biking, snowboarding, climbing, surfing or any other outdoor sport that keeps your endorphins at a very high level and your adrenaline peaking up!

During my days of inventing and re-inventing myself, I’ve come to realize than entrepreneurship & running have so many aspects in common that I felt compelled to start a blog about it.

And here we are! 😉