DID YOU LOOSE YOUR NORTH? WHAT ABOUT HEADING SOUTH, INSTEAD? A not-too intellectual lucubration on “Freedom”

By mun
Oct 20th, 2016



It was a hot August day in Majorca island when we walked into that flea market, only a few miles from Palma. I had had a hard time lately and I had no intention of shopping around, I wasn’t even in the mood.
Nonetheless, as I let my sight aimlessly wander around, possibly only 2 minutes after having stept into the area, “it” caught my eye. It was shinning under the excruciating summer sun, stubbornly pointing the cardinal points.
I felt a compulsive urge to buy it, to let it show me where “my north was”, as I guess I was lacking direction in life at the moment; but I resisted the temptation … 
Only as long as we decided to leave the market when, having to pass again in front of that little stall; I made it mine.

The Cambridge Dictionary online defines “Freedom” as “the condition or right of being able or allowed to do, say, think, etc. whatever you want to, without being controlled or limited”

Traditionally we have understood freedom as something external to us. If we get back to the definition, the bit about “without being controlled or limited” leads us right away to visualize material circumstances or people that could, somehow, prevent us from doing, saying or thinking what we want …

However, my question and the one that brought me to write this post today is: How much of that freedom, in our current western world (except let’s say in the case you are a convict) does not come from inside instead than from outside?

And that question takes me in a fast neuronal connection to think about limiting thoughts: Those pre-conceived ideas inside our brain we have learnt from our family, society, friends, environment and that – even though not being necessarily true – we abide and live by. Are these beliefs inside of us the ones controlling and narrowing down what we are allowed to do, say or think?

My answer and most likely yours too is “yes”.

So if freedom is an internal condition in most cases, why can’t we basically break loose on those things we want to change?

Fear of the unknown might be the keyword in most cases.

It is still hard to understand nowadays why people keep posing to me – to me and to most my nomadic traveller friends – the same question over and over again: how do we manage to sustain the lifestyle we live; a few months here, a few months there, comfortably cruising the planet like some other people navigate the limits of their city. Aren’t we afraid?

Yes we are. Acting bold is not a synonym of being a fool or of not considering the risks of our adventures, neither of not feeling uncertainty about what is next, often times. We simply expand the limits of our comfort bubble and trust the Universe will provide for our dreams. We profoundly believe that whatever happens (even if we don’t like it in that very moment) is perfect and for the best; that new and even more exciting opportunities are waiting for us behind that glass of spilled milk we were so much looking forward to drink.

We ultimately believe in that mind-freedom I was trying to find out more about at the beginning of this post. We struggle to leave aside judging – as much as we can as it’s never an easy endeavor – and pour our soul to unconditional love; starting by loving ourselves which is the only path – or so is my experience so far – of getting others to genuinely love you for who you are, the way you are.

It is not so much related to the subject of this post though I cannot help myself but dropping a line here to say that the most amazing, inspiring and trustworthy people I have ever encountered in my life, I found them in the path of fear, of breaking with prejudices and of that which was expected from them. I found them happy, excited, hesitant and scared in the same measure. Still, expectant and ready to breath through whatever their adventurous resolutions brought into their lives. Brave people, people I love and trust, people I am proud to call my dear friends.

Because, back to the topic of today, internal freedom is not given to us, its stolen from doubt; it is about going where your heart takes you every time it talks to you, forgetting about what “is right or wrong” for others and basically about daring to dream and aligning to your internal compass that, like in the case of stray dogs, always know where “home” is.

And home, like Marvin Gaye already said in the early 60’s, is truly where you “Lay your Hat” and feel happy, loved, welcomed and appreciated. So if you have lost your north, that is a clear symptom that your inner self is not in sync with your dauntless hopes and dreams and that you need to make a move.

Do not hesitate any further. Take a deep breath and if your feel north is not the direction that makes you happy right now, simply pack and go south.

All this to say: Goodbye Girona, see you in a blink Melbourne! 😉

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