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Sep 21st, 2015

Mun Bau #RunningOnHeels Hights Entropy

In thermodynamics, entropy (usual symbol S) is a measure of the number of specific ways in which a thermodynamic system may be arranged, commonly understood as a measure of disorder. According to the second law of thermodynamics the entropy of an isolated system never decreases; such a system will spontaneously proceed towards thermodynamic equilibrium, the configuration with maximum entropy. Systems that are not isolated may decrease in entropy, provided they increase the entropy of their environment by at least that same amount. Since entropy is a state function, the change in the entropy of a system is the same for any process that goes from a given initial state to a given final state, whether the process is reversible or irreversible. However, irreversible processes increase the combined entropy of the system and its environment.

It’s ok if you had to read this twice … Disregard my sciences background, I had to, too!

You might be wondering why I am choosing to talk about entropy related to entrepreneurship today … Close your eyes (bear with me!) and think for just one minute how the life of an entrepreneur is, most of the time. If you are one of us, then it won’t take long for you to get what I mean. If you are working as an employee on a payroll, think of that friend of yours who is a freelance soul, a flying solo creature, a creative spirit … the one always filling your mind with his/her crazy new ideas. The one that will not remember a project he was telling you heaps, all excited about it, for days with no end, after a couple months later, because he does not even remember about it anymore. Two, three, …ten new more ideas have reached her mind and she’s swimming most of the time in warm wild and cozy waters that make him slightly dizzy but utterly content.

So, basically, all this said, I could possibly cut this post short and finish it here. I am sure you got my point!

Still, let me ramble around a bit more, since I am enjoying writing and it has been a while since I have let my fingers freely and softly caress the keyboard of my Macbook, on a spree of words.

For an entrepreneur, ideas are our raw material. Knowledge, expertise, creativity, passion and tones of resilience are the tools in our toolbox.

We cannot help ideas forming and growing into our mind, like joyful worms getting fat out of our grey matter. And some times, there are too many worms in there. Some times, the whole scenario gets fuzzy and makes us dizzy, rushing adrenaline through our veins, keeping dopamine high and making us agitated with anticipation.

And that is why, such a crazy word as “entropy”, just crossed my mind when thinking about what entrepreneurs do out there. We live in a chaos that we adore and wouldn’t change for any peace of mind, comfort or security in this world. We love what it takes and we love what it brings. Ask us to do the same thing, consistently every day, to sit our rears at a chair inside a cubicle from 9am to 5pm daily and ask us to follow instructions without questioning and you’ll kill us in less than a month, out of boredom.

Our mind is the isolated thermodynamic system that keeps on increasing the entropy (the disorder, the chaos, …) until when faced to an external system (new project), moment when it settles down for the upcoming challenge and start decreasing its own entropy, only to start transmitting outside and increasing that of their surrounding environment.
And that is how entrepreneurs make this happen. They won’t let a rock in place, they won’t leave an investor alone, they won’t chicken out when first big waves intimidate the integrity of their ideas … they’ll rock’n roll and swing around the adverse circumstances and keep their feet firm on the floor cause … we just want it bad and we just cannot help ourselves.

But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, the challenge wasn’t ready for us to accomplish it, or someone steals our idea and put it in the market first. Who cares, would say and entrepreneur! Their mind isolates again and starts pulling around new ideas, sparkled sometimes just by the sight of an object, through the vibes that travel our blood while running, by riding in a train looking at the landscape or during a casual conversation with a friend … Entropy starts increasing again and new ideas, projects, thoughts (one more crazy than the next) begin piling up together with revisited passion and an enthusiasm until they overwrite the previous frustrated one.

And good (or bad!) news is, once you have reached this point, there is no way back; the process of being your own boss and making a living out of your own ideas, is totally irreversible. Want it or not, you will increase the combined entropy of your system and its environment and there is no way they won’t notice you!!

So here is my advice: If you are not scared of heights, stop considering it! Kick your office chair and kiss your boss goodbye! Fun is on!

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