By mun
Abr 5th, 2015

MUN BAU Running on heels Happiness moments

We can all recall some precious moments of perfect bliss when, if had been asked midair while on them, we would have claimed we were perfectly happy.

A writer might find those moments when flowing in between words, an entrepreneur could experience them while coming up with this new totally crazy business idea, a grandma while cooking her grandson’s favorite pie imagining how excited he will be when eating it, a parent the day their baby manages some first clumsy steps, a lover when feeling snug in his significant other’s embrace, an artist when hit by inspiration or creativity, a traveller when stepping into a new country, a yogi while meditating and so on and on … All of them will tell you though these are just “happenstances”… brief and scarce and hard to sustain and will sight at the idea of how they wished these moments could last forever.

Most of us keep waiting for the right time to experience happiness, like if happiness had only the possibility to exist in a certain moment in Time, merely under a complicated set of pretty unique and rare circumstances. We endlessly hear people say: “I will be happy when I finish this project, when he finally realizes how much he loves me and comes to me, when I loose 10 pounds, when I have more time, when I finish my degree, when my dad understands my point, when my boss stops patronizing me, when, when, when …

But, what if every moment is perfect just as it is? What if happiness happens to never cease to be in us? What if it has never left us and the only stance that prevents us from fully experiencing it all along is we miss it cause we are too busy ruminating, thinking and or regretting about the past and daydreaming or planning in the future?

As eagerly and effortless as I dropped running a few months ago, I started running again today. I was not thinking about it. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I did not even have the slightest idea whether I would ever run again. I just did not feel like it and I am not getting myself to do much I do not feel like doing these days. It only happened and next thing I know is I am in my shinny pink running shoes, trotting along the beautiful winding scenery of my mountain neighborhood.

It has been a glorious Easter Sunday early-evening. The sun was still high but already casting down those shadows that make everything glow in splendid gold and the sky was an inexpressible impeccable deep blue. Because of having had a somehow annoying long period of rains, the trees and shrubs in the hills are currently a kaleidoscope of shinny greens, the grass is teeming with early blooming flowers and the temperature was ideal. And hey!! I was peppily running!! Not running because I had to train for a race, not running because my friends run and it is the cool thing to do, not running staring at my hear-rate watch and timer while making sure the Runtastic app is properly measuring my miles in my iPhones, not running pushing my limits, not running ignoring the chirps and tweets of the spring birds while listening to funky tunes in my iShuffle, but instead cherishing them, not running to continue being able to tug my waist into a snazzy pair of 27 size jeans, not running because it was about time to run… Instead, running just because I was dallying with running. And yes! That was a huge piece of bliss I had!!

So I am wondering now, while writing these lines, still into my running gear, getting cold cause I could not wait to have a shower to let the words that built up on me during the run to pour out of me: Do we really need to wait for those perfect moments or can we simple create a perfect moment out of every situation we encounter?

I say we can. And I say I will.

What do you say?





  1. glauchino dice:

    And I forgot to tell you, a few hours ago, that you do write well and that you should keep doing it. And that,funny, what I recorded you before in What’s Up is well in tune with your words. Yes, I agree, happiness lies in a place that is not thought dependent.

    • mun dice:

      Ciao Glauchino!!

      Thanks so much. I appreciate that you like what I write. I actually enjoy writing a lot and I have been doing it much less than I would’ve liked. One, and possibly almost the only, plan I have during my sabbatical time (other than to rest my soul) is to write a lot. Maybe a book. Though that is a big challenge taking into account my limited experience. We will see what I come up with!

      I am half way through the 3 long (and interesting) voice messages you left overnight at my whatsapp 😉 Taking it easy and sipping the words! And, since you agree happiness is a place inside of us, I guess we need to talk about what I am hearing in the messages.

      Take care bello and let’s skype soon 😉

      Baci mile

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