By mun
Mar 31st, 2015

Mun Bau Running on Heels Still water

Something happened this morning that made me wonder …

What is it with us humans that make us so suspicious of someone who decides to walk off the beaten tracks?

Apparently, my decision to basically “have a break” from the so-called regular way-of-living-way-of-working standardized paradigms of our modern-encapsulated-western society, where being too busy, totally stressed out and high-strung is perfectly fine and admitted, has encouraged certain people who never took the time to talk to me nor to ask me directly, to proclaim to the wind that I have “retired” from the world.

Are we really so used to business-as-usual and to follow the lead someone else but us is leading, that we cannot admit that some people (myself for this instance), gather the courage (because yes! It is scary) to full stop in the midst of the track of Life to reconsider if the path he or she has been almost blindly following is or is it not valid, according to his or her own values, wishes and desires?

Honestly, when rumor hit me, it totally sounded like I had gone up high on drugs and decided overnight to join an esoteric-spiritually-morally-doubtable sect! I could not help myself but laughing out loud, really!! I find it so comic it makes me want it even more!

I am reading two books at the moment. A client, who has slowly revealed himself as a friend (for whom I will preserve the identity) gifted me the first one, definitely gasping how I am feeling at the moment,. The title is significant enough: “The man who wanted to change his life” by Antoine Filissiadis. At the age of 40, Costas, the main character of the book, is leading what most of us would tag as a pleasant life in Belgium. Apparently, everything is good: success at work, money, nice family, lovers, big enough house and cars, good-looking and socially accepted… Except, something in his insides tells him all this is wrong and demands for him to break free from everything. Audacious and following the call, he makes a huge mess out of his life and, with almost empty pockets, he runs far and down south chasing his dreams and some sun, all the way to Cyprus, Aphrodite’s island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. To get there, he has to face the fierce criticism and incredulity of his family, his friends and co-workers who stigmatize him as a complete fool, not to say an idiot, to let go on all he has got to pursue an uncertainty that, most likely, can only lead to suffering, chaos, failure or all of them together … I say they are simply green with envy Costas is brave enough to listen to his inner self voice, while most of us just choose to quiet it in order to fit in the system and provide precisely what is expected from us. Anyhow, in the middle of all this, Costas kind of finds himself in the eye of the hurricane: Feeling some fear, which in the end is good and anticipates new landscapes, while at the same time he experiences the most peaceful state of mind he has ever had.

Because, and this sentence I am borrowing from the second book, one I am truly loving and enjoying, and that my good friend Cristina recommended to me after I explained to her what I was about to do: “Eat, Pray and Love: One woman search from everything across Italy, India and Indonesia”, by Elisabeth Gilbert,

you cannot see your reflection in running water, only in still water

So, stopping, like I stated I would do in my previous post “upside down or the rest of the warrior“,  is a must and part of the process and, if we are to be criticized and stigmatized as lunatics or sectarians for the simple fact of desiring to cherry-pick our future and to finally have the nerve to break free from conventionalism and imbibe Life itself at its fullest, please, yes! be my guest! I am most likely the foolest of people you have ever met!





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